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Category: » Blowguns

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun- 5ft 2 pieces

Cold Steel .625 Blowgun- 5ft 2 pieces
.625 Big Bore Blowguns are capable of shooting darts 20% faster and three times heavier than other blowguns. Comes with mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver and mix of 36 darts (Stun Darts, Mini Broad Head, Hunting Broadhead and Bamboo).
2 pieces blowgun(with connecting piece).
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2010-12-12 23:12:25 [... ]
Excellent product backed up by excellent service and delivery, would use again.
2010-12-30 15:56:41 [elfling ]
I ordered it from hungary, and almost the same time i ordered some stuff from a webshop close to my city. This order arrived faster, and i think it tells almost everithyng about the swords24 delivery service. By the way i also like the blowgun, it works perfectly. Mark Molnar Development Engineer
2012-01-07 20:53:20 [ansokoll ]
Perfect transaction,very quick delivery ,Would highly recommend
2014-05-19 16:17:17 [Keith 77 ]
The most fun I've had with a Blowgun makes all the others look like toys also excellent service and quick delivery.A*****
2016-11-25 23:22:40 [silverfoxgsxr ]
excellent blowgun, fast delivery and great service ...
ID: B6255T
Points: 3Product information file at
Total length:152 cm
61,00 EUR

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Cold Steel .625 Blowgun- 5ft 2 pieces, Cold Steel, .625 Blowgun, 5ft, two pieces, 2 pieces,

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