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Category: » Swords - Movie Props

Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons Sword

Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons Sword
Frostmourne sword replica is second to none in detailed craftsmanship and technology.

47`` Overall Length with 28`` Stainless Steel Blade
Genuine Leather Wrapped Grip
Limited Edition Sword
Embedded with Patented G2G Authenticity Microchip

Also Included in the box with Frostmourne:
Collector's Display Mount
Limited Edition Poster
Certificate of Authenticity
Game 2 Gear Handheld Authenticity Reader

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Sold Out

Additional photos:
Additional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons SwordAdditional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons SwordAdditional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons SwordAdditional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons Sword

Additional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons SwordAdditional photos: Frostmourne - World of Warcraft - Epic Weapons Sword  
2011-02-03 23:53:59 [... ]
Product was very well packed. It arrived in mint condition, and one day earlier to FedEx's estimated time. Considering product's size, weight, and travelled distance, shipping costs were fair IMHO. Points' system allowed me to cut shipping costs in more than 10%, which was a plus. All questions were clearly answered and within 2 business days. Also, there was a good product tracking feedback. Along with the package there was also a copy of a document written in polish, from a polish entity probably asserting the weapons dealership authorization, I believe). That's the most odd thing I could find in this purchase. Overall, I'm very happy with the service, and will probably use this site to buy a few more products in the future.
2011-02-27 12:06:58 [jcjmve ]
I ordered this sword last week. The payment and handling went really fast. Payment accepted and ready for shipping was within 1 day after the order was placed. After than the shipping was really fast too, 1 day earlier than fed-ex's ... estimated time of delivery. And from poland to holland in about 4 working days. Really nice company, fast shipping, great handling of products and besides all that.... I love the points system. Greetings
ID: frostmourne
Points: 24Product information file at
Total length:120 cm
Blade length:71 cm
Weight:7,4 kg
999,00 EUR
Sold Out
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